Future Mine & Mineral Conference 2024

The Future Mine and Mineral conference is an international mining and exploration conference arranged in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2011. The conference is organized – among others – in cooperation with Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) and Nordic Publishing.

The FMM conference is a physical platform for networking and sharing of the latest business intelligence and opportunities, trends, politics and hands-on insights from the mining and exploration sector.

The conference brings together representatives from the Nordic region associated with mineral exploration and mining, including companies, industry associations, politicians, regulators, public servants, experts and ser- vice and equipment suppliers. High-level representatives from the European Commission, embassies and NGOs also attend the conference. During the two day summit, the emphasis is on the outlook for the Nordic mining sector, with particular focus on exploration, legislation, financing and mine developments.

The conference includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, technical presentations on a wide range of topics related to the Nordic mining industry, such as mineral exploration and development, mining technology, and environmental protection.


* Raw Material Policies
* Exploration Insights
* Mining operations
* Sustainable Raw Materials
* Financing of mineral exploration
* Arctic Infrastucture
* AI in mining
* Overview of the Critical Raw Materials Act

Reasons to attend

  • Extensive exposure to top decision-makers: mining operators, exploration companies, investment houses, parliament, policy outfits and regulatory agencies.
  • Unrivalled networking opportunities to allow you, vital face-to-face interactions with peers working in the mining industry.
  • Hands-on insight from key opinion-makers and trend-setters.
  • Receive the very best business intelligence – we assure you that you will be in contact with today’s experts and pioneers.

Who will be attending?

  • Top decision-makers from the mining industry.
  • Leading heads, such as director generals from the relevant authorities.
  • Representatives from the financial community.
  • Researchers from the academic community.
  • Politicians, MPs and representatives from local districts and regions.
  • International figureheads from the European Commission, Embassies, NGOs and many more.